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We offer 60 day loans on gold, palladium and platinum bullion as well as rare coins. With no set-up fees, you can get a $1,000 loan for $1059.40 in 60 days.



All out of state checks for orders must be post marked within 24 hours of the order date no exceptions



$100 face of 90% Half Dollars at $1999.00 (2 lots avail)

In 2009 the Austrian Mint released 6027 pieces of 20 oz coins with 2007 going to North America, 2007 going to Japan and 2007 going to Europe. We have done our homework and believe we have the best price on this coin ANYWHERE in North America, Europe and Japan. This rarity is priced at $1999.00 per ounce with spot gold at $1930 making the price $39,980.009 original box and certificate of authenticity.


1oz Gold Maple Leafs @ $1999.00 per ounce (20 Avail)

Ebay Auction for 2oz Queens Beast Red Dragon Of Wales

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1oz Silver Britannias at $28.00 (75 Avail)

14 coin lot Peace/Culls at $360.00



AJPM EAST 503-254-6838

closed Monday & Tuesday Open Wednesday February 1st

Celebrating my Birthday


1oz. American Gold Eagles $2030 (12 available)

100 Buffalo Silver rounds $2600 (4 lots available)

100 1oz. American Silver Eagles $3,000 (save $300)

$1000 bag of 90% Halves $19,999

$100 face 90% Halves $1999 (10 lots available)

1oz. Credit Suisse Platinum bar $1110 (4 available)

2013 Silver Kilo Koala $980 (5 available)












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