Welcome to our web specials page. Any special may be picked up at any of our three locations. Please allow a little time to get the product from one store to the other. 

Saturday September 23rd

AJPM Downtown: 503-227-4653

On Oct 2nd AJPM will announce the location of it's new Washington County Store. We have narrowed our search down to two locations and would love your help to decide which one to open :) Our choices are 4620 SW Washington St (Currently Beaverton Barber and Coin) or 11995 SW Pacific Hwy next to Bank of America (Currently Empty). Please Email your thoughts to AJPM2@hotmail.com.

*For your input we will offer a discount on future precious metal purchases. Must email to find out the deal :)


a $500.00 face value bag of 90 % silver with lots of older half dollars included at only $6100.00

a 50 piece lot of one tenth oz coins from the US, Canada, Australia & Singapore Normally these coins sell in the $145.00 range. Buy this lot for ONLY $133.00 per coin. 

  10 1oz Gold Krugerrands @ spot + $12 per ounce (10 Avail)

.9999 1oz Gold Maples @ spot + $12 each (6 Avail)  

.999 1oz Gold Maples ( scratch free ) at spot + 7.00 each ( 5 available )

Standard Shipping rates apply. 


AJPM EAST: 503-254-6838

Selling 1/10th oz. Krugerrands @ $142 each

Selling 2 Proof 1oz. Gold Buffalos with box & papers for $20 over page price

Selling 1/4 & 1/2oz. AGE, CML, Krugerrand @ $5 off page price

Selling 2012 Proof 1/2oz. AGE with box & papers @ $20 over page price

Selling 1891 $20 Lib @ $1315

Selling Morgan Silver Dollars @ $20 Each (33 Available) SOLD


Broadway: 503-282-0332   

 Selling 1oz Palladium JM spot + $10 ea (2 available)