Fake Perth Gold Bars Hitting Portland

As of today, we at AJPM have now seen three of these fake 1oz Perth gold bars.  They look LEGIT!  Buyer beware.

The first of these bars that we saw walked into our shop along with seven others a customer had.  Seven of the bars were problem free, but there was just something that seemed off about the eighth.  Upon testing it, sure enough, the bar was WAY outside of tolerance.  Far enough that we were convinced it was not real and subsequently we turned down that bar.  Having exclaimed that he bought it online and was going to promptly be returning it to the seller, we felt there was no reason to pursue this further.

Fast forward a few weeks and we get a phone call from one of our neighbors asking about potential fake Perth gold bars.  We ran over to check them out real quick.  Sure enough, two more walked into their shop.  Same exact bar, same packaging, weight, look, feel, everything.  The most obvious sign these bars are fake is that they appear to be thicker than the real Perth bar.  Obviously, if you do not have one that is real to compare to, this check is a little more difficult; however, it was probably the first thing that we noticed.

Please make sure that you are getting your gold & silver from a reputable dealer, and if you ever have any questions, please come see us at AJPM located at 304 SW Washington St, Portland, OR 97204.

Tags: fake gold, perth bar, perth mint, australia
By: AJPM Staff
Posted: 30 Jun 2016