AJPM Downtown

304 SW Washington St. Portlant,Oregon 97204 503-227-4653

Rodney & Vicki - Owners AJPM was founded by Rodney and Vicki Scott in 1991, but their story begins much earlier. Through hard work and dedication Rodney and Vicki had opened 4 precious metal businesses in the Portland metro area as well as Vancouver , Wa. Another venture was the Portland Minting Company and Medallion Specialties Inc. which was opened in 1986 and the first in the US licensed by the NBA to make "star" player medallions, including Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan to name a few. Other medallions included the Oregon Trail, the Rose Festival, US Military and many more. By 1991 they had consolidated all of their precious metals and jewelry operations into one entity, which stands today as AJPM. Rodney and Vicki's latest endeavor is the located in downtown Portland and specializing in traditional Brazilian style cooking.

Duane - Duane moved to Portland in 1978 after several years of playing various styles of music on the road as a drummer. He has a background of customer service in sales and has been in the precious metals and jewelry business since 1983 after meeting Rodney and Vicki.

Brandon - Brandon has been with AJPM for about one year. He graduated from point Loma Nazarene in San Diego with a degree in Managerial and Organizational Communication. While Brandon is not at AJPM, he enjoys watching sports and catching up with friends. Brandon comes to AJPM with exceptional customer service skills.

AJPM2 Tigard

8879 SW Center St. Tigard,Oregon 97223 503-567-3443

Dennis-Dennis is an AJPM partner and native Oregonian. Since 1979 he has been involved in the bullion and financial markets, from stock and commodity broker to trading physical precious metals. He has published financial newsletters, supplied daily commentary on local radio stations, conducted financial workshops along the west coast and has been quoted in news sources such as "The Oregonian" and "Bridge News." Customer service is his priority, from education to investment choices that develop long term relationships.

Jeremiah -Jeremiah is starting out in the business of precious metals as a customer service representative. A native Portlander, Jeremiah has spent five years serving our country as a US Marine. He is currently finishing his Associates of Science degree at PCC and enjoys lifting weights and practicing marksmanship in his free time.

Will - Will is new to the precious metals business but has spent the last 8 years honing his customer service skills in the industrial and construction supply sector. Will has a passion for the martial arts and in his spare time teaches classes at his studio in Oregon City.

East Portland

10584 SE Washington St. Portland, Oregon 97216 503-254-6838

Naife - Naife is an AJPM partner and native Oregonian since the age of 3, Naifes interest in precious metals started very young and among her hobbies is jewelry making. Prior to AJPM Naife spent sseveral years working as a licensed massage therapist. Naife loves nature, animals, music & dancing. She enjoys the excitement of the precious metals market and the great customers she gets to visit and do business with at AJPM.

Randall - Randall is an Arizona native spending many years as a public works director. He is an athlete and an experienced boxer, and enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing. Randall is constantly studying all aspects of the precious metals markets and is passionate about collecting rare coins as a hobby, which makes working for AJPM a great match.